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seriously understaffed and looking to bring in new recruits at some cases nearly $90,000 a year. david stevenson is here and tells us which cities are doing the hiring >> reporter: take a look behind me you can see some san francisco police recruits finishing off a day of class and drills. the competition for new police recruits isn't just in classrooms it's also between bay area badges today for 56 san francisco police officers. it means more room for new recruits for a department that's understaffed. >> we have a six year hiring plan we'll be hiring approximately 180 officers a year for the next 6 years. will get us you to full staffing. >> reporter: san francisco and other bay police and police departments are looking to recruit. >> we've gone from 2008 with 837 officers currently today we
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have 612 officers. > >> reporter: they set to graduate 41 new officers after recession era cutbacks. >> we don't think you can ignore the fact when you have reduction in staff you're going to see crime rise. >> reporter: san jose's police department is fighting recent layoffs and attrition to get back to a fully staffed force. >> we need every warm body that we can, but that's only addressing half the problem. if you hire all of them and even if all hit the streets if you're still dealing with a retention problem you have a problem on your hands. >> reporter: it includes officers who left smaller departments in search of a bigger challenge. nadia muhammad is a former police officer. >> you can immerse yourself in the assignment. >> reporter: they are set to
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graduate from the academy in san francisco in july. reporting live in san francisco david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. here's a sample of entry level salaries for new bay area officers and deputies. san francisco police start at about $88,000 a year. l contra costa county sheriff's department is 72 to $80,000. police say a 16-year-old girl just arrested told them that she had been selling herself on the street since she was 11 years old. it iss one example that makes up the world of human trafficking in the south bay. robert handa live in san jose how investigators are working to stop it. >> reporter: we are in an area near downtown san jose that police say is under constant watch for prostitution. yelled we reported on a police sting operation here and the arrest of some prostitutes and alleged customers but
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historically the problem will return. so what is the big picture in finding a solution. police call the area at monterey road south first street the monterey corridor a site of ongoing prostitution problems. residents said they are relieved by the police sting but. >> it's become really bad. i never saw so many prostitutes out here and i've lived in this area most of my life. >> reporter: however, police in and some community groups point out one of the prostitutes point to an overall problem many are minors. in this case the victim a 16- year-old girl. >> she was from the east bay and very sad in the interview afterwards she basically said shield been doing this since 11 years old. >> reporter: she is not the exception it's human trafficking task force in the past year and-a-half it has reassures cued 51 minors with san jose connections from prostitution.
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>> the children are the most important people to rescue. we want to get them out of that situation. we truly want to get the offender off the streets. >> reporter: many people in the monterey corridor agree. >> most of the girls are young. i see them out here all the time but they are not alone. they always have a guy in the back in the scenery. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 more on how police track down those offenders and what is being done for the young victims. live in san jose, robert handa ktvu channel 2 nice. the postal service is backtracking how much money it could earn in an upcoming conference in san francisco. the financial think strapped agency is spend go million dollars for executives to attend includes a golf tournament dance and dinner. the postal service had said that it earned $73,000 for every dollar it spent at a similar event in orlando last year, but now they say those
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numbers were wrong. it was actually only $73 per dollar spent. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the postal service. hayward police say they have captured a man suspected of getting into a fight with a san leandro police officer last week. that came about 3:00 this afternoon. they arrested 22-year-old solomon cruz is espinosa. their officer suffered minor scrapes when he tried to arrest espinosa for a traffic stop e. has outstanding warrants for assault, domestic violence and vandalism. pg&e he crews spent the day repairing a gas leak that evacuated four buildings. they dropped a big rock on a gas pipeline 24th and bryant in the mission district. damage happened where several pipes joined together at 10:40 this morning. crews had to dig in three locations to pinch off three pipes. evacuations were lifted at
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12:30. it customers went without gas until 2:15. pg&e plans to send a bill to that backhoe contractor. for the next two weeks drivers heading into play rain county can expect delays on the san rafael. they will install a new toll collection system. the closures and delays are scheduled to last through march 5th. the golden gate bridge is getting ready for a switch over next month to automatic tolls with no more human toll takers. drivers crossing did bridge will have a choice of paying $5 for fast track or you can register your license plate, give a valid credit card number and then pay of dollars based on a video recording of your plate. >> well in addition to improving customer convenience with all the choices we're saving money. we have a of 6 million-dollar shortfall for the coming five years then we'll be saving about $16 million over the next 8 years. >> the change will result in 28 toll takers jobs being eliminated. about half have found other
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jobs with the golden gate transit district. officials hope to find jobs for the rest but will give them severance packages if they can't. richard dunn died of meningitis. occupation safety and health administration say they didn't supervise or protect him while working on a developing vaccine for the strain of meningitis that killed him. osha can't fine other federal agencies. investigators in sonoma county are looking for two persons of interest linked to a man who has been arrest flood the forestville triple homicide. three men were shot and killed earlier there month in what investigators say was a marijuana deal gone bad. suspect mark cappello was arrested in alabama and now investigators are looking for these two men. they were seen with cappello at several gas stations between
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denver and sonoma county in the days leading up to the homicide. the men were seen in this vehicle here. it's a gold early 70s ford ranger. anyone with information is being asked to call the sonoma county sheriff's department. an apartment fire today in an exclusive east bay neighborhood has left three people without a home. firefighters were called to a home near danville about 4:45 this morning. that home is on alameda diablo inside the diablo country club. the two occupants of the caretaker apartment woke to you the smell of smoke and called 911. another employee who lives in a room downstairs was also displaced. everyone got out safely and there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a congressional source says that boeing plans to impose a temporary fix to the faa this week for battery problems with its 787 dream lineserss the fleet has been grounded worldwide since a battery caught on fire in boston more than a month ago. boeing ceo will proper pose a
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fix to the led of the faa at a meeting later this week. japan's safety ministry concluded the battery on the 787 there overheated because it was improperly wired. more than 100 passengers are part of a class action lawsuit against carnival following their trip on the triumph. that's the ship that drifted for days in the gulf of mexico after a fire in the engine room knocked out power. the lawsuit filed monday claims that carnival was negligent for allowing triumph to embark on the cruise when the company knew the ship was prone to mechanical and english us. the lawsuit states conditions on the ship created a severe risk of injury and disease. we have new details about the gunman in southern california who went on a deadly rampage. investigators have found no signs of any illegal drugs inside the home where 20-year-
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old ally syed lived with his parents. he committed three carjackings in the city of tustin and sand zahn take an a. he killed two other people and wounded several more before killing himself. crews are cleaning up after a snowstorm. of inches of snowstorm causing power outages and dozens of accidents. janet is in sonora with a look at the conditions. >> reporter: you can see the roads are clear and dry, but and even early this morning. on that was one problem area leading up to the huge mess out here and in the foothills. south of olderville and march posta county a school bus slid off the road on highway 49. this morning a pair of tow trucks tried to haul the bus away. angela let me gos who was driving a another school bus came to the rescue.
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chp says 16 kids including the driver made it out safely only a few bumps and bruises. >> it could have been a lot worse. we were very, very lucky. >> reporter: on highway 108 this big rig hauling gasoline overturned when the driver lit a patch of ice. as a result the road was closed all afternoon. but the problem started yesterday afternoon. >> a lot of people didn't expect the snow this low and it created some problems for us last night and this morning. >> reporter: this was the scene last night a few miles away from where up to a hundred cars were piled up because of spinouts and crashes. >> the biggest thing i think a lot of the people didn't want to put the chains on and kind of created the issue for everyone else in the area. >> reporter: nick's towing has been working around the clock but crews say the day is far from over. >> how many cars have you towed? >> about 30. that's counting all day yesterday and up to right now. >> you still have more? >> yes. >> reporter: things are finally getting back to normal,
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but because of the aisles erode conditions all of the schools were closed and more than 200 people lost power because of downed power lines and downed poles. we have confirmed with pg&e that most of the customers have power back as of this afternoon. reporting live janet o ktvu channel 2 news. there's word obama administration will join the fight to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. he said gays and lesbians should be treated the same under the law. the justice department may file a friend of the court brief. the deadline for filing such a brief is the end of this month. the reason some tax returns are being delayed and what it means for those trying to file right now. snow on mount diablo yesterday it was there this morning it's gone now.
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temperatures warmed up as much as 10 degrees today. how much warmer will it get for the rest of the week, i'll have the specifics. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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. even though it's less than 2 months the tax filing deadline there are still 29 forms not yet ready for taxpayers and preparers to fill out. tom vacar is in the newsroom who can and cannot file right now. >> reporter: experts say don't blame the irs blame the gridlock indecisive congress shooting you all of us in the foot by delaying this year's tax season. the final tax law for last year wasn't even passed until early this year. certified public accountant leslie dawson says that forced the irs and tax preparers to play catch up with new forms and processing software. >> that's very difficult for the irs to change all their forms for all of our tax processing programs to get their updates in. >> reporter: the overwhelming majority of people can file
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their taxes now in fact it's been that way since january 30th. there was a delay but we've got our systems up and running. as of now e fileers can expect a refund within 3 weeks of feeling four weeks for those who mail them in. today all but 29 rarely used forms are ready to go. >> economic development credit those are not credits we run into every day. we very rarely run into them. >> those will be ready the first week in march the vast majority of those forms are filed by people who file late in the tax season, have more complex returns. >> reporter: the american institute of certified public accountants have petitions the irs for waiver of failure to file or pay fines waiver of estimated tax penalties and plea to get next year's forms out in reasonable time. >> we inquired with the irs what we can do they suggested
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it's just a matter of filing for extension. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 why the irs is emploreing taxpayers to cool it. paying credit card dead in the final month of last year, according to tans union it says credit card payments that were at least 90 days overdue jumped 1% in the 4th quarter of 2012. that's up 9% from the last quarter of the previous year. trans union says its holiday spending may be a factor and it says banks are issuing more cards to people with shaky credit. the commerce department reported mixed news today about home construction and sales. new home construction fell 8.5% last month. but the number of houses built last year was actually the highest in four years. and the number of building permits is on the rise as well. economists say the bottom line here is that more people are buying. >> the overall trend is up.
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the trend in permits which will be the future sales and future starts is up. single family homes are up. >> the national association of realtors points to positive numbers in the bay area. the average sale prices of existing homes in san francisco and oakland have gone up 3.5% since 2010. on wall street today stocks retreated after reports the federal reserve is having doubts about its economic stimulus efforts. the dow dropped 108 points the nasdaq was off 49 and the s & p 500 was 18 points lower at the close. that is its biggest decline so far this year. crews have been working all day on a water main break in san francisco say they hope to have things back to normal within the hour. 12-inch cast iron pipe broke it's about 85 years old. ruptured about 3:this morning. workers had to replace a 20- foot section of that pine and muni had to stop cable car service for a time on powell mason line. the city of san jose is moving to clean up a homeless
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encampment. direct or of housing sent a letter to the mayor and city council this week. she estimates more than 100 people live there and fires and drug use have prompted a need for action. the city plans to clear out the embankment the week of march 4th. there are now just 9 days before automatic spending cuts are set to take place and the pentagon is issuing a dire warning. military officials say almost 800,000 civilian workers could be forced to take a day of unpaid leave each week. that's the equivalent of a 20% pay cut. the furlough which starts in the last week of april and continue for at least 22 weeks. >> these critical members of our workforce work in our depos they maintain our tanks, aircraft, ships. they teach our kids. >> the order also doesn't differentiate between essential and nonessential personnel however the pentagon could approve waivers if congress doesn't strike a deficit reduction deal by the march sst dealt line affected workers
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would get at least 30 days advance notice. the opening rounds of pga match play championship will resume tomorrow after a snow delay in arizona. this is what it looked like this morning at dove mountain north of tucson. the pros got in over 3 hours of golf before play had to be stopped. after that the only thing happening on the green was a snowball fight. it was the second time in three years snow has forced a delay at duff mountain. >> that's pretty flies video there. let's talk about our weather and our snow is all gone just like that. >> well their snow was our snow is our snow that's the system that rolled through here yesterday and put snow on bay area peaks and some areas even lower down 800 feet in some spots yesterday. a very cold weather system. it's out of here. let's illustrate that, right there. there's that system moving into the phoenix area. we are high and dry right now. we got no fog along the coast to speak of. got the radars going nothing happening in terms of
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precipitation. plenty of snow in the mountains. not another 8 inches to a foot of snow. rain in our buckets we got a little bit of rain. it wasn't a lot. it wasn't what you want in a winter storm. two tenths five tenths that were it. this time of year when i see a storm coming off the pacific you expect an inch. you like to see an inch to half inch especially when we're at it 2% of average santa rosa. it's really just illustrates how wet december was because january third dry effort in san francisco history. those records go way back. february pretty dry thus far. we're still at it 2% of average. cold tonight you knew that because the air is clear. the clouds, the sky is clear. the air is still, the winds are down and we're going to see temperatures drop below freeze in the fort bay valley.
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you're going to find temperatures that are going to be below freezing by about or 4 degrees. that means frost is certainly a potential not just in inland bay valleys. frost and hayward ports of fremont as well. so frost tomorrow morning a cold start to your day. temperatures tomorrow come close to where they were today. we will lots of upper 50s today. santa cruz was in the low 60s. tomorrow morning when you wake up it's purple. those are 30s. there will be 20s too but that's a broad brush. daytime highs greens are 60s, some 60s are starting to show up. and the blues will be's. slightly warmer for your tomorrow. go looking for rain in the five- day forecast when i come back there is a chance for some showers as we move towards the rest of week and we'll see you with that and five-day forecast with your weekend in view. thank you, bill. in into the water behind a drill in san francisco bay and what rescuers were testing out to see if they could improve their response time. and a new look and that's
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not all. the changes that yahoo made today.
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. an exclusive field pole say governor brown's approval is higher than two years ago. he served two earlier terms his highest ever approval rating was of it% in 197 of his lowest approval rating was p.m.% in april of 1980.
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majority voters agree with positive and negative statements about the governor. 58% they believe brown is the right governor. and 5% believe he is advocating too many big government projects florida the state cannot afford. the coast guard and local police and fire agencies are evaluating the results of a water rescue drill in the bayda. it was based on the simulated rescue of people trapped inside a capsizeed boat. in this joint agency drill the divers were lowered from coast guard helicopters into the water in a basket. they typically jump from a chp helicopter but there's just one helicopter equipped to do that and emergency responders wanted to see if it's actually faster and more efficient to do it this way. >> we're just going to evaluate the feasibility of this method of deemployment time trial it see how long it's actually going to take to get our divers in position to go sub surface. effect a rescue.
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>> several local agencies took part in the drill including san francisco police and fire south marin fire and sausalito fire. today's drill was prompted by a situation last november when a 26-foot boat cab sized capsized as a result of a huge wave. the exercise will also help determine if federal and local agencies can work together quickly on this kind of rescue. today yahoo launched a redesign of its home page they hope it will get more people to visit more often and stay longer it is the first redesign in four years. yahoo also says it's using new software to tailor the stories shown to individual tasty and limiting advertising to just two ads on the home page. if you drive on southbound highway 101 in san jose in the middle of the night you want to know about a detour at the capital expressway off ramp. paving crews plan to close the off ramp between midnight and 6:00 a.m. every night the rest of this week through saturday. it's part of the improvement
5:28 pm
project between capital expressway. during the overnight work traffic will be detoured on to surface street to get to capital expressway. a new of million dollar trail project with spectacular viewed that you can't use. i'll tell you what happened here. plus it's the last thing you'd expect to find in lake tahoe. goldfish. and these are no ordinary goldfish. in some cases they are huge. the simple explanation for where they are coming from.
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. it's a trail in san francisco that's known for its spectacular views, but tonight it is off limits to everyone.
5:31 pm
that trail had millions of dollars of work done to fix it but our health an science editor john fowler is here to tell us why it needs even more repairs. >> reporter: i'm on lincoln boulevard with there amazing view of the golden gate. beyond these orange barricades there's a wonderful trail interrupted abruptly by danger signs. it's the press i said yo trail. after a of million dollars upgrade last summer record rain in early december washed out 65 feet and it's still not fixed. frustrating regulars. >> i saw some guys working down here but it's been since before christmas. i isn't seen anything since the beginning of the year. >> reporter: black plastic covers the slumping cliff residents calling it an eyesore and traffic hazards on busy lincoln boulevard. >> it's just ridiculous, and whoever build this should be accountable.
5:32 pm
>> they could have done engineering studies and figured that out before. >> reporter: a joint project in the press said yo trust golden gate national parks conserve says and goden gate recreation area there's no plan yet for repairs. engineers still need something. >> watch it through more rain storms to see how it reacted, and it stopped raining. >> reporter: part of the problem is the soil here. somewhat hard ended sand that is notoriously unstable. officials say they are committed to repairs here, they just can't say when. reporting live in san francisco health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. protest, are demanding a congressional hearing on the covert u. s. drone program overseas. >> killing of children. >> members of the group code pink demonstrated in washington d. c. and delivered a petition to senator dianne feinstein's office she was not there.
5:33 pm
they want more accountability and transparency and public hearing before they move forward on john brennan's nomination. >> we think there are actually thousands of civilian cash you will 'tis. she says there's a hand full. >> let's get to the bottom of this. >> senator feinstein has rehe peteedly asked the obama administration for legal memos justifying the targeted drone killings. the obama administration announced a newest to fight the theft of u. s. trade secrets from computer hackers. the american security firm says it has traced many cyber attacks to a military building outside of shanghai. they said they had nothing to do with any such attacks. >> to make speculations and groundless accusations on various purposes is unprofessional and irresponsible and does not help to solve the problem. >> attorney general eric holder said today he encouraged companies to report cyber crimes so law enforcement can look for violators. police are looking for more potential victims of a
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taekwondo instructor on the peninsula. mike mibach in redwood city what happened when you tried to talk to that man's former boss. >> reporter: let's say he jumped in his car and decided to take a spin away from us. his former instructor was arrested pack in december. tonight police say they believe that there could possibly be more victims. the preliminary hearing was scheduled for today right here at the he courthouse in redwood city because of a defense motion it was pushed back to a later date. ken's taekwondo academy. one of its instructors is this man 32-year-old ralph eugene todd. >> can you tell us anything about your instructor ralph todd? >> we tried to talk to todd's former boss today. >> i don't know nothing. > >> reporter: san mateo county da office said his preliminary hearing was set for today but was delayed after a defense
5:35 pm
motion. a spokesman for the da says todd is charged with two felony counts of portion allowed and lascivious acts with a child 13 and under. annoying and molesting children possession of pornographic material depicting people under the age of 18. he was an instructor here for 12 years. investigators have spoken with all of the current students at the academy but are looking into whether there are past students who may have been abused. no word on how many children ralph todd instructe the da's office said todd posted a $200,000 bail back on february 10. he is out of jail his preliminary hearing is slated for april 10th. mike mibach ktvu channel the news. former senator revealed he has a secret son. he fathered the son more than 30 years ago. the mother is michelle lack saw the daughter of former nevada
5:36 pm
senator paul lack saw. both issued separate statements saying they came forward before someone else could break the news to the media. lack saw also said one night's mistake led to a pregnancy. her son is 35-year-old adam paul lack saw. he's a former navy officer who graduated from georgetown university law school in 2005. a new york judge hasn't said how soon he'll rule on a lawsuit that's aimed at stopping a been on super sized sugarally drinks. the new york city rule limits sugary drinks to 16-ounces or less is scheduled to take affect on march 12th. the american beverage association sued. it says the limits are an unfair burden on businesses. nevada researchers say goldfish are swimming where they don't belong, in lake tahoe. reporter kevin oliver tells us researchers think this is the result of growing problem they are calling aquarium dumping. >> reporter: on almost a daily basis lake tahoe researchers
5:37 pm
head out on this customized boat to search for nonnative fish like the large mouth bass. using electric probes researchers stun the fish and catch them with a net. >> you can get 200 fish in one scoop. >> reporter: that is how christine struck gold. >> you see this bright orange and gold thing starting to float up. you're like what is that. you take a net scoop it up and it's like a goldfish. >> reporter: the same species sold in your pet store what they are finding are no ordinary goldfish they are giant some almost a foot and-a- half long be. >> we know we have a giant goldfish the question is how long has it been there and how many others are there in the lake. >> reporter: you might not think goldfish could survive a winter in lake tahoe not with the snow creeping right up to the shoreline, but scientists find not only are they surviving, they are multiplying. >> one day they caught 15 in just this one corner. >> reporter: large goldfish are turning up unexpectedly in
5:38 pm
lakes and streams around the world, arizona michigan, arkansas, the uk and france. researchers believe the goldfish are introduced by people emptying fish bowls into lakes and streams. it confirms a new threat to the ecology of lake tahoe. >> the small little things that people do can have a large impact when you consider that you know, probably not just one person doing it. >> reporter: biologists believe if the numbers grow goldfish could ultimately affect lake tahoe renounced clarity. >> at lake tahoe we're trying to keep the lake crystal clear and excreteing nutrients will promote algae growth. >> reporter: it shows how easy it is for an invasive species to take hold. new details tonight involving olympic star accused of murder. investigators explain what neighbors say they heard right before oscar pistorius'
5:39 pm
girlfriend was killed. also pistorius family makes its first public statements. stanford is number one for a ranking that has nothing to do with grades. how one silicon valley man helped put the university over the top.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
. the south african olympian known as the blade runner remains in jail tonight as new
5:42 pm
details emerge of the shooting of his girlfriend on valentine's day. >> prosecutors say it's a case of premeditated murder but the defense says he thought he was acting in self-defense when he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. police investigator today described house pistorius will to turn to fire through the door and neighbors heard loud voices before the shooting. pistorius uncle said it would not be in character for him to murder his girlfriend. >> he's not a violent person. he's a peace maker. he's always been a peace maker, and that's his nature. >> pistorius will be baek in court tomorrow. the judge has not decided to grant him bail. disgraced bicycling star lance armstrong had made a decision he will not do a tell all interview. it was the deadline for him to come clean. he said complete cooperation is the only way to get list life
5:43 pm
time ban from cycling reduced. well today armstrong refused. he says the agency is only targeting u. s. athletes and ignoring 95% of cyclists not under u. s. ada restrictions. jessie he jackson, jr. entered a plea to federal charges. he admitted to taking 3 quarters of a million dollars under a plea deal he faces between 46 to 57 months in prison. his father, civil rights leader jessie jackson was in court but had no comment after the proceedings. sentencing is set for june 28th. sanford university has set a college funds raising record taking in more than a billion dollars in donations during this past fiscal year. that is the word from the council for aid in education. there is the 8th straight year stanford has been number one in fundraising among american colleges harvard came in 2nd at 650 million followed by yale
5:44 pm
usc and columbia. stanford's total received a boost with a 100 million-dollar gift from silicon valley investor robert king. the chinese new year parade is right around the corner we're going to give you a behind the scenes look what you can expect in this year's parade. beautiful night out there. no fog at the coast clear skies but it is going to get cold. i'll let you know how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood. we have the chinese new year forecast for this weekend.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
l. chinese new year parade is
5:47 pm
this saturday night. tonight we'll give you a sneak peek. l some interesting secrets about the floats. >> reporter: it was the calm before the storm inside this warehouse full of unfinished floats. >> i think our floats have gotten fancier. we used to calculate 300 man hours. we now have discovered we're way off. we're at about 700 man hours per float. we just discovered about 2. weeks ago that we are 7,000 man hours from being finished and boy did the call to help go out then. >> reporter: master float builder david thomas is building 24 of the 25 floats you'll see on saturday. getting a behind the scenes look means we also get in on a few little secrets. there is a pump jack actually during the parade it is going to go up and down and you might think they are going to use some fancy machinery to make that lap but they are not. check out this little door because inside this little space here will be some lucky he person who gets to operate
5:48 pm
that for the entire parade route. with 3 million expected to watch, the numbers are impressive. but so are these numbers. >> we will probably go through of hundred fender washers, 1,000 two inch havings probably 40 pounds of screws. already the shiny he papers you see on the float i was doing a calculation this morning we have bought 2.5 miles of that. it's very expensive, sometimes it would be cheaper if we stapled one dollar bills to side of the float. >> reporter: but it's not about dollars it's about getting it done because there's not much time left. in san francisco claw dean wong. >> you can watch san francisco's chinese new year parade on ktvu channel 2 or coverage begins 6:00 p.m. this saturday. office got is buying its competitor officemax. they were pussed the announcement didn't include a new name for the company. the location of its flu headquarters or the name of a
5:49 pm
new ceo. office depot 1%. two businesses said combining would help them compete against online retailers and warehouse clubs. a study he out of the university of connecticut concludes that some children recover from a term. researchers say they don't know what% recover and the vast majority of children with a term don't. but they don't know what leads to the recovery for some. but experts say the study removes any doubt that some children diagnosed with autism at a young age are no longer autistic years later. for the 12th time since december an animal has been shot on the peninsula. the humane society is now offering a $1,000 reward for information. a raccoon was found sunday morning at palm and orange avenues. the humane society said they had to euthanize the animal because of its injuries. x-rays showed lead bullets in its brain and between its hips. flynn with information about these shootings is asked to
5:50 pm
contact the peninsula humane society. for the first time in of years the number of people getting cosmetic work done on their faces is increasing. but at the same time the number having cosmetic surgery below their fleck is decreasing there comes as the american college of plastic surgeon reports a record number of people will cosmetic surgery of all kinds in 2012. botox injections were the number one procedure. scientists are announcing the discovery of the smallest planet yet outside our solar system the size of the moon. but at 700 degrees with no air, no water, it wouldn't support life. scientists are searching for a planet like earth in the so- called goldilocks zone. the recovery is about analyze its first sample. the curiosity collected about a tablespoon of powder is poised to transfer it to the onboard laboratory. the rover drilled into a rock 2
5:51 pm
weeks ago to take the sample. all that rain and snowy we got here is gone and temperature heated up. >> it really did as much as 10 degrees from yesterday. we had snow on bay area peaks record of a tornado in the red bluff area unusual weather yesterday now we're back to what you can expect in terms of sunshine and cloud coverage. clear out there right now. and maybe you wouldn't expect that this time of year but it definitely was warmer today by about 10 degrees. coming close here check out the current temperatures what you'll notice are the temperatures are pretty mild right. i mean fair filed number 62 the. i don't know if that's going to be right. these are automated stations sometimes the numbers come in off. 6 in concord. 59 in antioch so it's warm out there or mild out there because it is february. as we go into tonight it's going to be cold we showed you the overnight lows are going to be down into the low 30s. upper 20s in the north bay. look for areas of frost mostly sunny tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow a lot
5:52 pm
like today. as we get into saturday a few clouds and maybe some valley fog as well. here's what we have high pressure sets up and keeps us dry. so that brush with rain is pretty much done. that's it. we're going to see minor warming as we go into thursday and friday. saturday we'll get a little bit of cloud cover in here that could initiate a sprinkle or two. here we are thursday. this computer model. here we are friday afternoon. here's what i'm talking about. saturday watch where it comes. saturday late night early morning saturday late night friday. we might see a few sprinkles. there's your saturday afternoon. so that's it. that's the whole deal. not enough to really he change your plans certainly. chinese new year parade going on on saturday we're happy it's got going to rain on saturday. parade starts at 5:15 officially goes to about 8:00. partly cloudy at degrees so we've had many of these parades rain and stormy conditions but
5:53 pm
this one will be a nice night to go out there. or watch it on tv. 62 in santa rosa. 60 inland bay valleys. five-day forecast no raindrops. well i got something on saturday between you and me i don't think that's going to amount to anything. and we need rain. i got to tell you this five-day doesn't give us very much hope for anything significant. >> we're back to hoping. >> back to hoping. >> thank you bill. we're getting new details about a deadly gas explosion in kansas city, and that blast was caught on camera. what witnesses say happened right before.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
. in the wake of two violent incidents santa cruz will announce safety escorts. students will be able to use the service between 8:00 p.m. and 2:45 a.m. a student was shot at a bus stop and a woman reported being raped and beaten on campus. in missouri the search for victims is over after a deadly natural gas explosion. that blast you see there it destroyed the upscale j. j.'s restaurant in kansas city. it blew up during happy hour last night and today crews pulled the body of a female from the rubble they think it might be the body of a missing employee. customers say they smelled gas and power workers were on the scene but they did not urge
5:57 pm
people to evacuate quickly. >> missouri gas energy came in with their detectors and the detectors were going off but they didn't tell us to leave. they said casually pay your tab and close down. >> take a look at this. this is actual surveillance video from a store across the street which captured that explosion. more than a dozen people were hurt. the ncaa went to federal court seeking to stop a state law that would keep penn state 60 million-dollar fine in the state of pennsylvania. that finest part of the consent decree penn state and the nc2a signed as a result of allegations of sexual abuse against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. they require the money to be used to fund child programs in the state of pennsylvania. the ncaa says it interferes with the contracts between it
5:58 pm
and the university and violates the constitution's commerce kloss clause. answer: winery is experimenting with process of aging wine at the bottom of the ocean. mira is packaging in special designed cages and singing them in charleston harbor in three months. they believe the motion t. like wallet of the underwater environment will have a beneficial affect on taste. some european wineries have tried there but miles an hour a is the first in the u. s. to do so. the dramatic video of a street brawl right here in the bay area involving some 200 people and the action that neighbors want to stop this violence. more than two dozen very unwelcome house guests. the east bay community inundated by wild turkeys the problems neighbors say have gotten out of hands if since these birds started arriving.
5:59 pm

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